Cybertical political cybersecurity in the news

Some of the recent mentions of Cybertical or Cybertical founder Jonathan Lampe in the press are provided below.

NBC4 in Washington DC

Cybertical recently worked with NBC4 in Washington DC to examine the cybersecurity of area candidates. The segment featured veteran reporter Scott McFarlane and was produced by Rick Yarborough.

Associated Press

The Associated Press's Deb Riechman interviewed Jonathan Lampe for a story called "US intelligence: Foreign hackers spying on campaigns."


Politico's Darren Samuelson interviewed Jonathan Lampe for a story called "Hackers Declare War On Trump"


Large IT publication ZDNet had a long article by Zack Whittaker featuring an earlier report by Jonathan Lampe entitled "US presidential candidate websites easy to hack", noting in the sub-headline that "If our presidential candidates don't take security seriously, how can we expect anyone else to?"